About Itomych Studio

ITOMYCH STUDIO was founded by Igor Tomych in 2011 and was primarily aimed at developing mobile applications. We have gone through a series of development cycles to become a full-stack team ready to develop turnkey digital projects from scratch with the minimum requirements from clients. Our experience allows us to understand the needs of the target market, develop mobile and web applications, as well as high-load solutions applicable in various fields. We always help customers to develop systems following the latest trends. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the company.

What is the mission of ITOMYCH STUDIO?

First of all, we are interested in developing high-quality digital products and ecosystems. Over the past few years, we have been able to create and successfully release many exciting projects intended for public use. The best part about it is that the projects do not stop after the release. Roadmaps last up to 2 years and projects not only improve qualitatively, but also the number of software units is increasing. Thus, the teams on projects always have something to do.

What markets and directions are the priority for the ITOMYCH STUDIO team?

Our projects are mainly related to the fintech business. We develop banks, financial platforms, investment systems, and applications for personal finance management. However, the company has other projects that are not related to fintech. The main criterion for us is our partners’ adequacy along with personal interest in the digital product. At the moment, we are focused on working with the UK, US, and the East markets.

How do we develop teams?

High-quality software can be developed if team members learn and grow experience. We have decided that we need to develop at personal, team, and cross-project levels. Each of us has a plan for the development of competencies. Sometimes we appoint a mentor who oversees personal development. At the team level, we contribute to the improvement of all participants’ skills. We are on entirely different projects with different levels of complexity, so it is essential to share the experience with one another. We have recently organized a series of internal lectures on fintech to raise awareness about this industry and development specificity. All participants of the team are free to visit “Kharkiv Mobile Developers” and “Alt.NET”. Self-education and trips to various conferences and courses are also encouraged.

What about the team structure?

There are participants engaged in product development on the business level (product managers, business analytics, and designers), those who implement technological solutions (mobile, front- and back-end developers, QA and DevOps), as well as delivery managers who help establish product delivery processes. Every team member gets the place according to their personal request. A team of specialists is created for every project, so that it could be released timely and in line with the quality standards.

Is it possible to switch from one to another project?

The company implements a large number of projects monthly, so there is a possibility of switching between projects. Sometimes we rotate project members to let them share knowledge and gain new experience from all team members.

Why is English essential for us?

Most managerial positions require profound language knowledge, as managers communicate with partners and go on free business trips abroad. English language knowledge is essential for developers as well because all the documentation in Atlassian Jira and Confluence is in English. Moreover, documentation is often shared with partners.

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